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JAC Conlu

Kumusta Po!

My name is JAC Conlu and I am excited to be a part of the Swolesquatch Nation! I have been a very competitive athlete all my life and have recently began stepping up my training for an opportunity to try-out for Team USA in Dragon Boat paddlling.

I've been a paddler since 2003 and have been very fortunate to coach and manage my home club, the Zamboanga Paddling Club! Growing up, I played & participated  in wrestling, paddling, soccer, football, cross country, snowboarding, and weightlifting. 

Along with those sports, I am also a proud Eagle Scout- so my love for the outdoors is relentless! I am a passionate vegan and run my own vegan Instagram page. Currently, I am coaching for my youth and adult paddling team and will be coaching wrestling in the winter- all while constantly training for the Dragon Boat National try-outs. I also participate in crossfit and run when I have the time. I also like to explore new places and play Pokemon Go, which is great as I have a job that requires me to travel. 

As a University of Oregon graduate, I definitely LOVE MY DUCKS. I also served on the Alumni Association Board for the Portland Chapter. My number one athletic dream would be to win a Gold medal for my home country of the Philippines in either wrestling or snowboarding or both. More realistically, I'd love to paddle for the Philippines National Dragon Boat team in our version of the World Cup. 

The opportunity to serve as a brand ambassador for Swolesquatch Apparel excites me, as I have a passion to represent the Portland area as I travel the country and train to potentially represent the United States on a world level.

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